Brand Strategy - Verbal Identity - Print


Adidas came to my university in Portland, Oregon and selected 4 students to collaborate for their brief. Being one of them; I took on the role as designer. Although we were a team, Adidas asked for each of our separate approaches to their brief. This was to establish a poster  series and/ or could work for their social media - Instagram with the new athletes icon heads; for the new live campaign 'Calling All Creators'. The concept was
to convey equality but also the athletes uniting a team.



Adidas asked for a full series as a band of 11 athletes for them to be printed
as building posters, on the side of the offices and studios. 
These designs work
most successfully as a series alongside each other.

These designs were pitched to the global director. Following this; the project got the opportunity to get taken further with Adidas outside of the university work. Soon after the pitch my time for study abroad was over and it was time to head back to England. However, I got a Skype call being offered to continue the work for further development.