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MINUS is a simple and sophisticated sans serif typeface optimised for screen display or large formats. It’s details are drawn from the systematic constructed Neo-Grotesque typefaces, and transforming neutral into a bold and expressive tone of voice. Above all, MINUS’ beauty is found in the minimalistic aesthetic.

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The typeface is characterised by the contrast use
of reduction through the percentage of the ink used,
whilst making it a sustainable typeface. Each element
of the glyph has been designed to represent the
percentage which allows the reader to determine
the letter form at the minimalist type 40. 

Just like the human body, the Latin alphabet can use
a range of various shapes and proportions. These varieties can come from diverging historical paths, differences in language or culture, or simply the tool
to make the marks.

MINUS is a simple, clean and legible sans serif typeface, inspired by the psychology behind the minimalism and contemporary abstract shapes.

Helvetica is a traditional Grotesque typeface that
has been transitioned into MINUS; a bold and playful, modern and edgy typeface. It is primarily used for headings rather than body copy due to the cautious legibility of the typeface. MINUS is particularly suited
to headings, logo designs, or other corporate identities.