Brand Strategy - Verbal Identity - App design - UI & UX

PROBLEMAllergies are increasingly becoming a serious
issue. In the UK, 2 million people have a diagnosed food
allergy, and 600,000 with coeliac disease.

Having a food allergy can make it hard eating out due to not knowing what ingredients are contained in the dishes. In recent years, too many cases are causing allergy-related incidences
due to poor communication or mis-informed labelling.


In order for safety; before ordering a meal, the customer has a tedious process of reading an allergen guide provided by the restaurant and cross referencing a chart for the allergy information.

SOLUTION - NIL is a platform where people with food allergies can eat out with confidence. It is partnered with high street eateries both restaurants and cafes, giving customers access to scan the menu as device to find out efficiently what they can safely eat. 

FILTER - The primary feature of NIL allows any allergy sufferers
to quickly and easily find out the allergen and dietary information from a menu. After selecting the restaurant, the Filter feature allows the user to enter in their allergy and it will filter and blur out dishes containing the allergen and keep in focus the dishes suitable.

RESTAURANTS - NIL is partnered with a selection of highstreet eateries, both restaurants and grab ‘n go cafes. The user selects the restaurant which would give access to the camera feature to scan the menu in order to find out the specific allergens contained. See the Scan feature for further explanation. 

SCAN - The Scan feature allows the user to hold the camera over the restaurant menu to scan the chosen dish in the designated box. The app will recognise this data and provide the dish’s specific dietry and allergen information to the customer in a clear and straightforward way. This can also scan packeted foods from grab ‘n go’s cafes.

LEARN - The Learn tab offers a selection of advice. This is how
the app expands its audience. Additional to allergy and intolerance advice, Learn provides Health Insights, Lifestyle Changes and Nutritional Advice. Each section within the Learn tab is set up like a blog and frequently updated. They may be questions, quizzes, insightful facts but all of them will contribute to in offering advice for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

EXTRA FEATURES -The Heart icon represents Favourites and allows
the user to view previous customer’s favourite dishes from a restaurant’s menu for a particular allergy. After a meal, the user can also comment and rate the dish for other people to view what’s favourite. The Recipes tab is useful for people who may not have an allergy but are cooking or preparing food for an allergy sufferer and may need to substitute certain ingredients. The Filter gives the option to subject a specific allergy and find alternative recipes. This is also useful for people new to a food intolerance to find interesting recipes enabling them to adjust to a new diet.  

WEBSITEWithout the app, NIL can be accessed online. The user selects the restaurant they wish to go to, which will take them to
that specific restaurant’s menu. To filter, a selection tab will refine the meal menu to the lunch or dinner menu as this may differ their selection of dishes. Providing this, the user can choose a dish to find out the contained allergy and dietary information.

MENUNIL is associated with restaurants who have partnered up with the service. To make their customers aware, a small section
of the restaurant’s menu is allocated to NIL, outlining their purpose.
The QR code give customers quick and easy access to the app itself. Above is an example of Zizzi’s menu in partnership with NIL.

STICKERSTo make the public aware of cafes and restaurants in partnership with NIL, a sticker on their window or door inform customers before entering the place. Additionally, this would promote the positivity that the restaurant cares about allergies and takes the matter seriously; in turn shining a good light on them. This could also be stuck in and around the interior such as their till or glass cake counters.

PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL - The posters tie together with the witty language worked throughout the brand. The phrases support NIL’s values and verbally play on the word Nil or play on the 14 main allergies. The simple images subtly and sophistically support the phrase within each advert.